Whether you’re moving in or moving out you can
count on us to show up on time and sanitize


6 ways Merit Maids can make your life easier.

Convenient Booking

A 1-minute time commitment that will save you hours of stress. Book your move in/out cleaning online in under 60 seconds.

Convenient Scheduling

Flexible dates and arrival windows that allow you to easily adjust to the ever-changing moving dilemmas

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Convenient Communication

A cleaning service that actually responds. Call, text, email, DM...use any platform to reach our friendly customer service.

Convenient Pricing

No hidden fees, no contracts. Simple hourly rates that reward clean freaks. There's no small print in our terms of service.

Convenient Payment

Don't go to the ATM - we're cashless and ink-less. We use the same secure payment processor as Lyft, Target, and Instacart.

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Convenient Guarantees

Guaranteed on-time arrival. Guaranteed quality. We meet your expectations or we'll make it right. No worries, only guarantees.


All move-in/out cleanings are charged at an hourly rate so you can customize your experience.
Below is a recommended list to get you started
kitchen cleaning


Bathroom Deep Cleaning


Living Room Cleaning



We’re going to blame this list on our insurance company.


Moving is a headache. You’re going to need a flexible cleaning serve that can adjust when your closing date gets changed. 

Just send us a text, email, give us a call, Facebook message us and we’ll work with your schedule. There’s no fee if you adjust your cleaning date outside of our 48 hour cancellation window.

No. There’s so many moving parts to juggle when moving. You don’t need to coordinate a time that you’ll be at your property. Just let us know how we can access the property and we will take care of the rest.

If you report that something was not cleaned to your satisfaction within 24 hours of your cleaning, then our team will return and clean any areas of concern at our hourly rate.

A labor hour is defined as one hour of labor performed by one cleaning professional. Just a fancy way of saying, “per hour, per cleaner.” I wish we could give you 2 cleaners for the price of one, but then I wouldn’t be able to afford my Chipotle addiction.

Here’s an example: 

If a team of 2 cleaners completes your cleaning between 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM, then they completed a total of 6 labor hours. The same is true if a single cleaner completes your cleaning from 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM. In both examples, 6 labor hours were completed. Having 2 cleaners or 1 cleaner DOES NOT affect the final price, only the time occupying your home. There is a 4 labor hour minimum for any job. Billable time may include loading and unloading supplies & equipment from a vehicle. If you have any questions regarding labor hours or billing procedures please call the office prior to your scheduled cleaning.

It all depends on the current condition of your home. A good rule of thumb is that it typically takes our professionals 1 labor hour to complete 250 sq. ft. of move-in/out cleaning.

Use this equation to determine the amount of hours you need when booking online: Your home’s sq. ft./250

Example: If your home is 2500 sq. ft., then we would estimate 10 labor hours (2500/250) to complete the cleaning or 2 cleaners for 5 hours.

If you’re on a budget, you can still get a ton of value from our services. Set a time limit and let us know your priorities. While we cannot guarantee that the entire cleaning will be completed, our professionals will work hard to clean as much as they can in the timeframe you’ve established.

It depends on the size of your home, but at least 2 cleaners will be sent to every move-in/out cleaning. For larger homes (above 3,000 sq. ft.) we will send larger teams to tackle the cleaning.

Since our move-in/out cleanings are charged at an hourly rate you can customize your cleaning to fit your home’s needs. The list above is a good example of a full move-in/out cleaning. Remember, we can’t do any of the items listed in the services not offered section.


FAQ cleaning service

Jenni was an Air Force wife on a budget and living in Denver. Her husband had just been reassigned to his new duty station in CA. While her husband was stuck, tying loose ends at work, all the pressure of coordinating the family’s move was put on Jenni. Selling the house, packing the kid’s memories, changing schools, coordinating showings with real estate agents, and on and on. Supermom remembered, 3 days before moving day, that a professional cleaning had to be done to comply with their rental agreement.

With no time or energy to do it herself, she called me (Nathan) at Merit Maids. We adjusted our cleaning schedule to fit her in and gave her a military discount for the cleaning. Once the moving truck was packed and the kids were rounded up, all Jenni had to do was leave the key under the mat.


The only way to hire a move in/out cleaning service 100% risk free.

100% Quality Guarantee

You have 24 hours, after your cleaning, to contact us with any issues and we will return and re-clean any areas missed at our hourly rate.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the re-cleaned areas then you will receive a full refund.
No questions asked, just a small business doing what's right.

100% Punctuality Guarantee

After we confirm your booking, we pledge to arrive on the date AND within the 2-hour window you scheduled or you get an automatic 10% discount.

100% Punctuality Guarantee

After we confirm your booking, we pledge to arrive on the date AND within the 2-hour window you scheduled or you get an automatic 10% discount.


Don’t let someone else steal your spot. There’s no cost for booking today…if your schedule changes, you can always adjust your cleaning date and time.  


There’s no cost for booking today…if your schedule changes, you can always adjust your cleaning date and time.  

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