Blog Post How much does a house cleaning cost

How much does a house cleaning cost?

Since when does it make sense to avoid talking dollars and cents? It doesn’t, but so many cleaning services find it just as difficult to talk about their prices as reading the first centence (👈 see what I did there?).  That’s why we developed our transparent Home Cleaning Pricing Guide.  Where we discuss the major

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Home Cleaning Gift Card

Fiddlesticks! Christmas is 2 weeks away and I still haven’t started shopping I had that same sinking feeling the other day, and that’s why I have the perfect gift idea for your significant other: a home cleaning gift card. The aftermath of Christmas can feel like Santa parked his sleigh in your living room instead

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Blog Post: Who do you want to clean your home?

Who do you want to clean your home?

3 Types of Cleaners The cleaning industry is saturated with all kinds of cleaners – leaving you with plenty of options. After years in the cleaning industry, we’ve narrowed down all the different types of housekeepers, maids, and cleaning franchises you will discover in your search for a clean home.  “The Weekend Warrior” Cleaning is

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Merit Maids Cleaning Customer Jane

Customer Spotlight: “Last Minute Help”

As my wife was scrolling through Facebook, that dopamine-inducing, red notification dot appeared: Jane posted in [City] Neighbors Group 1 minute ago… Last minute help! I’m looking for cleaning service who would be available today or tomorrow! I’m hosting an event on Tuesday and I would love for my house to shine. She quickly navigated

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6 Tricks To Keep Bacteria Off Your Kitchen Sponge

When bacteria settles in your kitchen sponge, you spread germs instead of cleaning! Here are some tips to keep your kitchen sponge clean and safe for longer. Now your sponge should always be clean and ready for any chore you need. However, there are many other things to clean in your home! Do you want

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Merit Maids Answers: Is It Rude To Call Someone A Maid?

With the word “maid,” most people instantly think about anyone who cleans homes for a living. However, not everyone does the same in the cleaning industry, and not everyone calls themselves the same way.  All this opens up some important questions. What’s the best way to address people who clean houses for a living? Is

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Merit Maids 6 tips to taking care of your wood furniture

Take Care Of Wood Furniture! 6 Essential Tips

Wood’s versatility makes it one of the best materials for furniture and floors. However, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning! Learn the best tips to take care of wood surfaces! Now you know the best tips to clean wood, but maybe you have more important things to do! Merit Maids can help you maintain your

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Merit Maids - How To Get In A Cleaning Mood 7 Tips For Cleaning Motivation

How To Get In A Cleaning Mood: 7 Tips For Cleaning Motivation

Cleaning your home is important; no one will doubt that. However, many people struggle to clean their homes. Lack of motivation comes from many reasons (some more serious than others), but everyone could use a little cleaning motivation from time to time. In this blog post, you’ll learn some tricks that will help you get

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